6 Step Marketing Video Creation System

7 Lessons Easy

About this course

This free set of instructions includes, a fill in the blanks script and PowerPoint slide deck you can use to create your first marketing video at no cost. Let’s get started!

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Course Structure

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Watch the short introductory video to get started.

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Step 1 – Fill-In-The-Blank Video Script

In minutes you'll have your own ready to record marketing video script.

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Step 2 – Customize The Ready Made PowerPoint

Download and customize the ready-made PowerPoint Storyboard.

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Step 3 – Recording a Voice Track

Record your voice track and video in one simple step. No editing needed.

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Step 4 – Post YouTube on YouTube

Post Your Video on YouTube, It's your 2nd website and it's free of charge.

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Step 5 – Add Video to Your Website

Website Videos increase engagement and YouTube Makes it Easy

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Step 6 – Post Your Video on Facebook

Upload your video to Facebook and leverage the real power of the world's largest social media platform.