Marketing Optimization Success System M.O.S.S. (Done with You)

2 Modules 5 Chapters 13 Lessons Intermediate

About this course

This is an enriched 6 week Digital Technology Program for Business Owners that combines one-to-one coaching with hands-on, detailed practicum for each module. This program is ideally designed for business owners to expand their ability to:

  1. communicate with their target markets through the internet and social media platforms, and to
  2. leverage digital technology, automation and integration to successfully enhance their market reach.    

Initially, participants are taken through the program’s introspective-style research, reviewing and assessing their existing media assets. These may include produced videos, programs, downloadable PDFs as well as infographics and other communications collateral. This step helps to clarify strategies around what their firm’s state of readiness is versus what it may still require to reach their goal of new, target audiences within Canada, the USA and even the United Kingdom. Through the coaching and training stages, and after implementation, Moss Media Solutions remains an on-going resource for its participants, offering mentoring opportunities as needed until confidence is secure.

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Course Structure

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Research and Recon 4 Lessons

Cold to Sold

A brief overview of marketing funnel intentions and the math behind marketing online. 

Market Research

Understanding the scope and size of your marketing will greatly improve your advertising and marketing strategies. This 6 minute video is crash course in competitive market research tactics. Keep you note book handy and do the homework assignment. You'll use the data you find to write ad copy, sales page text and shape your advertising approach.

Your Perfect Prospect Worksheet

Be sure to watch the Introduction Video and Cold to Sold before doing this homework. The document download offers example answers but please take the time to carefully develop your own. The information you gather here will be a resource you'll use later on when you create, ad copy, sales page text and wyour webinar or phone script. 

Signature Framework 1 Lesson

Signature Framework

This work you do here will shape your advertising, landing page messaging and webinar content.

Offer Escalator 1 Lesson

Offer Escalator

Step 3 in your marketing optimization process is designed to help you define your product/service offerings and prepare for the marketing these offerings.

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Lead Magnet Logistic 1 Lesson

Lead Magnet Logistic

A strategic approach to lead magnet development and design based on audience research, currencies and direct response marketing.

Facebook Advertising 6 Lessons

03 Facebook Ad | Audience Setup

No matter how careful you are in crafting your Facebook ad, a day will come when you experience rejection. Don't panic it happens to the best of us. Facebook's algorithm does its best to protect users from bad and/or false advertising but sometimes it just simply gets thing wrong. The link below is one of the best articles I've read on how to prevent Facebook ad rejection.