Video Basics

Video Marketing Basics Workshop

4 Modules 2 Chapters 7 Lessons Easy

About this course

Learn how to produce a professional marketing videos using just your smart phone.

In less than 5 weeks you’ll become a more confident on camera spokesperson for your business as well as hone a unique value proposition and call to action that attracts your best customers.

Most importantly, you’ll learn to overcome your fear of appearing on camera!

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Course Structure

Customers Only
1 Chapter

Module One - Message and Market

Pre-production: What to do before you record your first video.

Customers Only
1 Chapter

Module Two - Recording

Exactly what you need to know to record marketing with just your smart phone without all the tech overload.

Equipment 1 Lesson


A picture's worth a thousand words but a sound track is where you find them.

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1 Lesson

Module Three - Packaging and Editing

A well planned video is easy to package. Editing is your best last hope if you have a poorly planned video.

Free Software

If you have to edit video, start with free software.

Customers Only
1 Lesson

Module 4 - Getting Found Online

How ad where to distribute your videos.

How to found online

getting found