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Workshop Resources

Take Action, Make Mistakes, Grow

Videos and Downloads

Workshop # 4 - Uncut

Video editing | Video production without a camera
and lot's great tips from Chris Musial!

Workshop #3

Phone recording tips and common errors and lots more.

How to Use a Teleprompter

This 7 minute video will help you improve
your on-camera performance.

Video Marketing Success Formula 

Mistakes and X-Factors.

Video Marketers Cheatsheet

12 Great Ways to reach Your Customers with Video  

An Introduction to Internet Marketing

A breakdown of internet marketing basic and how your website plays a role.

More to come!

Direct Response Video Sales Letter Breakdown

Coming Soon

There's a proven formula when it comes to video sales letters. These two videos walk you through the formula and how to use it for your own business.

YouTube Marketing Made Easy

Coming Soon

YouTube Marketing Mechanics Made Easy offers step-by-step instructions on how to fuel your business with the power of the Internet’s two giants – YouTube and Google.

Take action today and learn how easy it is to leverage what YouTube (and Google) have to offer when it comes to video marketing.

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