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Get your video on page one of YouTube in your market and your niche.

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Step by Step YouTube Channel setup instruction.

Find out exactly how to get your video on page one of YouTube in your market and your niche.

Of all the marketing tools you can use to attract new customers and increase sales video remains the most effective and also one of the most expensive until YouTube changed everything.

Cost effective video marketing is now available to even the smallest of businesses thanks to YouTube.

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Here’s what You Get

Inside is a sequence of YouTube marketing tactics that you can use to establish a strong online presence for your business ahead of your competition.

"Sticky" Top Position

Once your video has earned a top position in a particular niche it’s very hard for someone else to push it out of the way.

Get Ahead of Your Competition

Very few people ever follow through on anything. You have a real opportunity to get ahead of your competition if you take action and put these simple tactics to work for your business.  

Your 2nd Website

Consider your YouTube Channel as a 2nd website and all your individual videos as pages. And since it’s free you have nothing to loose and everything to gain by establishing a presence here.

Increase Your Website Ranking

As you add videos you strengthen your channel the same way new content strengthens a regular website. Each new video you upload actually points to your channel and increases it’s ranking online.

What’s Inside

Here are just a few of the secrets you'll discover inside this handy eBook.


The Seven Step Video Structure

Learn the tested 7 step sequence that ensures your videos will work to promote our business around the clock and help to improve your website ranking.


Style and the Fab Four of Video Marketing

There are numerous production styles to choose from when it comes to creating your own video but only four of them are best suited for marketing.


Optimizing Your Video for Traffic

One of the many ways to ensure your new YouTube video is optimized to get traffic is to add a properly formated website URL to the description. Using this one simple tactic will automatically improve your website SEO and give your video viewers a direct link to your website.


Titling Your Video

The title of your video can dramatically impact whether you get found online or not. In choosing your title you must have a clear understanding of your market and the keywords they would use to look for your service or product.

About the Author

Duncan Moss

Duncan Moss has been shooting and editing video his entire adult life.  In that time he's created every kind of video there is, including broadcast TV ads, TV series marketing videos for the web and award-winning documentaries. For the last 16 years, he's been helping people just like you put online video to work for their business.

After having taught digital filmmaking at the daVinci College in Canada, he decided to develop resources of his own to help business owners produce their own marketing videos and avoid the usual tech overwhelm.